MEET THEDesigners

This page introduces some of the designers behind our products and projects:


Robin Levien RDI

Robin Levien is one of the UK's most consistently successful product designers of the last 25 years. His Space collection for Ideal Standard, which allows customers to make use of the most awkward spaces, has won an impressive number of awards for innovation. From corner toilets to drip-free taps and beyond, Studio Levien has consistently designed products revered the world over.


David Chipperfield

One of the world's most celebrated architects, David Chipperfield was awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture in 2007. Although renowned for his sculptural buildings, David Chipperfield has an eclectic eye, and has applied his consummate design skills to everything from taps and mixers to furniture and urban spaces.


Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is famed around the world for his elegant and witty designs. First and foremost an industrial designer, his designs blend form and function in a very distinctive way. His understanding of functionality, coupled with a unique aesthetic sensibility, mean he has been commissioned to design everything from tray tables to tram systems.



ARTEFAKT was founded in 1989 by Thomas Fiegl and Achim Pohl and works in close cooperation with the international industry. The design team, comprised of up to 12 designers, develops product lines within an overall development process.


Dick Powell

Seymour Powell are a design team based in the UK. Their unique approach has positioned them at the forefront of innovative industrial design for many years, transforming the look and performance of a range of everyday products, from irons to stairlifts.